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The Poetic Seamtress

Yes I am she, that poetic queen
Dripping lyrics as I allow you to breathe
In my poetic essences of erotic fury
Bring down walls of poetic lust
Undefined meanings of justifiable erotic eruptions
Traveling deserted roads, major highways,
As river flow streams of your compulsive thrust

Yes I am she, that poetic queen
Please allow your mind to relax and feel me
As I take you down with my poetic flow
Capturing your heart, mind and your soul
As you feel my erogenous zones with your touch
Deep down in side I want you so much
As you lay me out across my bed
I feel your sexual nature building
Allow me to take your mind on this sexual journey
Grabbing hold to the reproductive vines that will keep you on cloud nine
As we are tossing and turning
Entangling our souls in this deep union of sexual lust
As I wipe the tear from your eye
Your body cries out for me
To bring out the freak in me
As I willing give in
Becoming totally submissive unto you
To unleash reins of serenity upon your soul
As you spread my legs wide and go deep down inside
The gentle wombs of my poetic lust

Yes I am she, that poetic queen
As we turn down the lights and sweat out the sheets
With whip cream, strawberries, and other edible desserts
Allowing me to taste test you
And make love to you for hours that may never end
As you wonder in the back of your mind
Where in the hell have you been
As I drink down the ejection of your lust
Taking on every deep stroke of your thrust
Back bends, headstands, flipping me around
Like I'm a jungle gym
Who is this woman you seek
Yes I am she, that poetic queen

Written by Evolution (aka… Ms. Squirttress)


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