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As the lights go down low
You have my full attention
As I lay you out across silk satin sheets
Please allow me to take your mind on this orgasmic journey

Shhhhhh!! Please don't speak
Just allow me to feel the stroke of your lips
Caressing me against my neck
As gently you suck up the erections of my orgasmic rain

As you pull my head back and suck harder
I almost lost my composer
Until you kissed me world of sexual illusions
That made my fire rise to uncharted temperatures
As I endure the warmth of you gently caressing me
Has me desiring more of thee
Deep down with in my orgasmic lust
I want to unleash oceans of orgasmic rain

Just one second if you will
Allow me to have my way with you
I promise not to bite unless you want me to
I just want to taste the essence of your erotic fury
I want you to man handle me
As though you were working on your car
Yes I have some screws that need to be tighten up too
I'm sure your tool is just what I need
For hours of mind blowing pleasures

As you pound down in my deserted wombs
I want to feel the deepness of your stroke
The kind that make your back itch and tingle down deep
Yes I want to feel you
Up in my jungle of erotic wetness
Allowing me to unleash oceans of orgasmic rain

As sweat pours out our bodies
You allow me to taste your enormous erection
As I swallow down the mounds of your cock
Enter locking my lips as you began to drip
As I began to suck harder
I see your eyes rolling back in you head
As you grab my head and hold on tight
Because you feel your climax building
As my tongue does its very on dance

Up and down across your pentacle that unlocks the doors
And allow me to enter your soul
As you moan louder
Begging me not to stop
Because you're almost at the top
Allowing you to unleash oceans of orgasmic rain

As you gasp for air as though you just cant catch your breath
Allow me to set the ride for you to relax and feel me
As I climb down on that pentacle of love
I feel your body relaxing
As though you know it's going to be good

Yes with every stroke of my addictive juice
I want to tame you soul and remain in your dreams
As that woman who believes in entangling you
Having you caught up in a world of passion and lust
As we fight out the night wetting up the sheets
Tossing and turning all over the bed
Making love for hours as we jump straight into the shower
On the kitchen counter and back to the bed

As I hear you say
Come on baby put me out so that I may not recover
Allowing us to unleash hours of orgasmic rain
Flexing out my poetic hunger
Knowing that making love to another
Will never be the same
As I leave you with oceans of orgasmic rain

Written by Evolution (aka… Ms. Squirttress)


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