Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!


As these lyrics flow through my lips
The burning in my souls
Is allowing me to spit
The poetic uprising of my soul
As I unleash to you
The undefined meaning of my unusual hunger

Looking in to your eyes I see the tide raising
As we are enter locking the chambers of our souls
Stewing this poetic stew
As we are exchanging
Phrases, verses, channels of addictive love
I feel a poetic uprising in my blood

Can you feel me?
As these words burn so deep
It is like fire burning in underneath my feet
As we pour out mountains of poetic elixirs
That powerful intoxication of rhythmic love
Some want like it and other will adore you
But the poetic uprising with in you
Will allow you to do just what you do

To speak words of inspirations
To share the light that shines so deep with in
To release the erotic chemistry
That truly blesses thee
As we capture the hearts, soul, and mental sanity
Of our erotic poetry lovers
Just relax and let it flow
As this poetic uprising is released from your soul

Deep and dark jungles of love
As we do our dance
Like no man or woman could
As we embrace this poetic love
Experimental evolutions of a lyrical love craze
Evolving in poetic destiny
As our poetic uprising continues to bleeds

Cherishing every moment
Choosing to not miss a session
Of this poetic fury that we bring
Come on and take a bow
Your poetic uprising has just blessed the crowd

Written by Evolution (aka… Ms. Squirttress)


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge