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Lost in a storm……………..

Lost in a storm
Trying to understand
Why the beginning
Became the ending
So damn fast

To understand ones glory is to try and make sense of your own.
I learned those nine years ago
After the man I loved married another woman on our wedding day.
Nothing in this world is ever truly promised to us.
Regardless of the long hours we contribute to making things great.
No matter how many tears we shed before we go to bed.
No matter how many footsteps we have walked just to listen to them talk.
No matter how many hugs or kisses we've shared
Nothing isn't promised to last.

To except the time that you've shared
Or make the best of each moment
Is this all we have to look forward to in this endless search for love.
Why must we rejoice in pain?
When it's a damn shame
To never endure true love.
Hours of the day will pass
As though i'm looking through an hour glass,
Only to feel the same way
The day that i meet you.
Robbing myself of a chance
To experience God's sincere giving's.
Blinded by my anger, pity and hate
I never want to make this mistake,
Of giving up on a love
That I have never known with the one I will love until we grow old.......

Written by Evolution (aka… Ms. Squirttress)


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