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As I lay here nestled in the soft and gentle bosom of my mother
Looking in to her eyes
As though she is trying to relate to me mentally
Are those the stars of pain I see?
As a tear runs down her cheek and she grabs hold of me so tightly

O god what is this I see
As my father pounces on my mother
Like a loin in the jungle taking down his prey
As he chokes her down dragging her from one room to another
Beating her into unconscious states of submission
In the depths of my soul I am crying out to be released
From the entanglement of this triangle of pain and abuse

As I look off in the distance
I see my mothers rage and the anger of her fury
As she leaps on top of my father
As she begins stabbing him until she can feel no pain
As I scream out to her my first spoken word…STOP

O god why are people afraid
To look in to the mirror and see their true reflections
As they reminisce on how their life got to the point
Why must we be afraid to break down these chains?
That has us choosing to love those
Who choose to abuse us physically, mentally and psychologically?
Knowing that we can't love our children
If we cant love ourselves
Subjecting them to the blindness that we see
Teaching the lies and unjustifiable meanings
Of what love is suppose to be

O god why are people afraid
Why must people stay together?
Knowing they don't love one another
Is it because they are afraid to see
Beyond the hour glass figure standing before them
Or is it because they feel they do not deserve better
To look in the mirror and to discover
How glorious the sun shines
When one chooses to love thou self
Before any man, woman or discreet lover

O god why are people afraid
To push open those double doors
That will lead them into a greater existence
That will show them their true destiny
As they learn to love themselves
To find and discover themselves
With out the help of another
To just trust in the faith you have given them
To know that hater will hate on a daily bases
Because it is the only thing they know how to do
To rejoice in jealousy and envy
To beat down on you and render you powerless
By taking away your strength

O god why are people afraid
To trust in you for the will you have give to them
To understand that the greatest joy of love comes from with in
It has to be discover and not given to you by your greatest lover
It knows that you are special
It is carrying the confidence of a million soldiers going into battle
Loving your self is the best gift one can give their self
Knowing that you can stand on your own
Because you're not doing it alone
So Yes, I ask you God
Why are people afraid to lead by your examples?
Or just to trust in the destiny that you have aliened out for them
To run straight towards the mountain top
No matter how many times we have fallen short of his glory
You're always there
To pick use up and dust us off
To forgive us and grant us mercy
To hold us and love us
So much tighter than we love ourselves
So once again God I ask
Why are people afraid to break down these chains?

Written by Evolution (aka… Ms. Squirttress)


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