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I dripped dry out of the bath
I slip on my robe laced with roses
Trimmed with sequence
I reached for my slippers
As I sat down to stroke my hair
Pulling it back into a cute bun
I spray a light mist of perfume upon thy neck, breast, and vaginal area
Rose petals leading from the front door to the bed itself
Candles scattered like a midnight vigil
I began to get goose bumps
Chills began to roll down my spine
I thought I heard the doorknob turn
It was the howling winds again
I see the light come through the front window and that was my signal
I will wait for him to turn the key
As we will spend the whole night in ecstasy
The door opens and a woman appears
I ask are you lost
She replied I am looking for the owner
Well he isn't here at the moment
I am more than willing to take a message for him
She asked and who are you
I said that I am the fiance'
And who do I say this message is from
She replied just tell him his wife the real estate agent stopped by
And this property has been put into foreclosure for the recent drop in property value

Written by Eyes


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