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It's In His Eyes

It's in his eyes. He wants to dominate your cries, while between your thighs, tame what
abides deep inside. He wants your whole, your soul, will do whatever it takes to make it
so, tell lies, give bribes, hide. His claim to fame, you call his name in ecstasy, plays
emotional games to stir up your jealousy. All to own it on which you sit, and he won't
quit until you submit...

...or leave, see he wants a woman who believes, will give him what he needs, bear his
seed, concede and let him lead. When he smacks your rear he takes control, he's the man,
just to let you know, but while he hits your behind, he secures your mind, over time,
you'll come to believe, he is the one to heed. It's in his eyes.

Written by FloetFre Styl


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