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You Are Important

It was a momentous occasion for an epochal situation, a world-shaking invitation, to a birth of
prodigious persuasion. Fundamental to the essential, you're profound, so evidential, real large
yes monumental more than noteworthy, so glad they sent you. That's how important you are to me!

My heart is still racing, cannot be complacent, the birth of a nation, you are the head mason,
come out with guns blazing, put plump back in the raisin, it's you that I am praising, on my list
you're rating, all love never hating, I'll come straight out stating, you're important to me.

The world's a better place to be, because of your creation, I bow to you so gracefully, to your
side I'll hasten, I hate to see your enemies, your precious time be wasting, imitation is easy, but
you keep innovating, So unique your creed and breed, they can't help but hating, in my book of
who is who, you are with the great men. You're important to me.

Written by FloetFre Styl


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