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Who Loves You

I knew from the start, that whoever won your heart, was a winner and very smart. If they
passed the test, they'd be greatly blessed, leave the rest to guess or at best, reminisce. Cause
once they had you, you'd be true, all games would be through. Wish it was me, that would be cool.

I'm not crazy about you, I'm damn near insane, can't keep it from you, my feeling are plain, one
thing don't worry me, that one thing is change, I love every part of you, even the strange. Who
loves you most, guess I'll take the blame, Little Casper is a ghost, but you see him in the rain.

The lonely gets tired of being alone, time goes on, hitting home, with a soft killing song, too hot,
use tongs, but get it on, out of place where you belong, dong dong, the tone rings long, tall and
strong, king kong, it's all wrong, come home.

How can I know what you need if you keep it to yourself, be sure that this ain't Christmas eve,
and I ain't no damn elf, Through bricks and mater it's hard to see, if you keep thoughts on a
shelf, open up and share with me, it's better for your health.

Please don't go, wait for me, don't follow life so fast, move slowly, you can't miss it, but you can
miss what we have. Focus on priorities, the things you want to last, not the things you'll never
see, the future or the past.

I know you feel the vibrations I've been sending your way, probably think you're being watched
as you struggle thru your day, I'm not trying to be a stalker, don't want to scare you away, but
I'm not about to lose you, hey, what can I say.

What will it take to please you, how can I make you mine? I've done all I can to appease you,
but I'm running out of time. Even patience gets tired of waiting, so let that be a sign, instead of
anticipating, show me where I'm blind

Written by FloetFre Styl


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