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Sex Addict

You're all male, muscles bulging, groin swelled, you been turned out, I can tell, once been told
you sex real well, think as long as you fuck, she'll treat you well, no job, stay in jail, what the
Hell! Your dick is a winner, but you fail! It's what makes the feminine principle, just be passive,
let life go into you. Creating strife, you're not meant to do, not your plight, incomprehensible.
Have respect for yourself, what else, you're invincible.

All of the people you have had sex with, you are sexing even still, you may never see them
again, but forget them you never will. Hopefully the only pain they left , is heartfelt and will heal,
and not the kind of sex reminder that has been known to kill. Here's the deal, overstand if you
can, you have had too many partners if the count goes past one hand.

If you feel a need for multiple sex partners, something went wrong, did your sitter molest you
when mommy was gone? If you think sex will make you strong, you're in the stupid zone. What
happens when you can't get it on? You'll have plenty now, but end up alone.

It's really sad tho, there are those, who think sex is the way to gold. They don't know, even a
dog humps low, horses go pro and a rabbit's got a hole. You know it's so, the life of a hoe,
there's a head above the one you know and blow, find it and go.

Written by FloetFre Styl


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