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~ In Love Again ~

Before I laid my head down to rest
Before I took my last breath
I softly touch your lips
with mine
I'll take the image of your handsome face
with me, where ever I may go
With tears filling my eyes
grateful that you remembered
how I hate the word
goodbye ~

Sometimes when a love is stronger
than the depths,
ever known by man
it has no end
Even when it takes our final breath
We dream of finding it again ~

On a mid afternoon
On a cold November day
I walked along the misty streets
Not knowing where I was going
but I knew I was there before
I found an old fashion cafe
and sipped on a hot cup of mocha-latte' ~

When you walked through the door
All it took was just one stare
I knew right then and there
that I met you somewhere before ~

You walked toward me
and introducted your self to me
asked if you could sit down and enjoy my company
When I looked into your eyes
that was when I realize
that you where never that far
from my heart ~

I could recognize the smell of your skin
the taste of your kiss
from a million yesterdays
I memorize the sound of your heart beat
all through time
From then till now
I've always remembered you ~

All through time
even beyond time
You found me
on a misty day
in an old fashion cafe ~

I never believed in miracles
but I always believed in you
Could it be I'm falling
in love with you
again ~

Written by Joyce Foote


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