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A life time of loving you

Place your hands around my waist
and pull me close,
so close
I can feel your breath
on my neck

Dance this dance, with me
you plead
music so soft,
steps as light as air
floating in love
where no other exist

Come away with me
for just one night
is your only request
surround me, all of me
with you
where two equal just one
we'll become

Lay me down
on sheets of silk
Candle light flickering
reflection in your eyes
A stare that can hypnotize, me
as I melt into you.

Soak me from head to toe
with your tongue
in places I only dreamed of
Get me nice and wet
then glide, inside

~ Of Me ~

~ My Love ~

This is where I longed
for you to be
sweetly making love to me
each time even better than before
explore the gift of me

I could lay beneath you
each and every night
feeling your heart beat
in rhythm with mine
praying for a life time
of loving you ~~~

Written by Joyce Foote


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