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Come dance with me

Come dance with me,
And hold me close.
Set my spirit free,
Let my soul float.
You are my desire,
My one true love.
Could God have sent you from heaven above?
Everywhere I go I see reflections of you,
You are my dream come true.
You set my heart a bliss,
With one single kiss.
And oh how you set my whole being on fire,
Baby you take me higher.
I feel an explosion within,
You touched my heart again.
You wrap your around me of so tight,
Hold me forever with all your might.
You whisper sweet nothings in my ear,
Makes me cry another tear,
But you kissed it away.
You love me for another day.
My emotions run deep,
Your lips so sweet.
As our song comes to an end,
Please Baby dance with me again.

Written by Joyce Foote


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