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Celebrity Scandal

Telling every lurid detail of your broken heart
Is not appealing, but you can find no way
Of being anything other that that wild goose
In the middle of the swamp
Flapping quickly to lead the pack

It's not a cupcake topped with icing
A candle on a cake
A Christmas bonus
That you're so lucky to get
While living paycheck to paycheck, to paycheck

Your natural affection is delayed
By seventy -two hours and forty-five seconds
The lights usually blind your sense of judgment
And make you feel like a queen for a day
Make you forget what you really want to say

It's all relative to every predator gaining
Capital from the weak salivating at the next bit
Of imperfection slung their way
And the beautiful souls who can't see their
Own light as they purchase the magazine
With your face on the cover

Written by Carolyn Franklin


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