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I have done some things I cannot explain
Lived a past life full of moments of vain
Made some mistakes - some worse than others
Made some decisions unbecoming of a mother
Youth filled ignorance guided my way
And led me to who I was in those days
Denial of self lead to self-deceit
A damaged portrait I thought was complete
A debauched life with nowhere to turn
Resulted in the choice to change my outcome
Looking ahead no time for regression
Maturity ensues as I learn life's lessons…

Once upon a time I was a little girl
Going through the motions of living in this world
One day I awoke and realized I was a woman
Full of conscientious decisions, a total reconstruction
I looked at myself and didn't recognize my face
The past me was gone…it appeared to have been erased
But as I looked closer, the fine lines I could see
Filling in the barren spots to form a perfected me
In womanhood, I've embraced my past misconceptions
Skeletons removed from my closet of deception
Blessed to be whole and thankful of God's forgiveness
For granting me self-worth and allowing me resilience.

"My past mistakes helped to formulate the person I am today. For that I am grateful."-Gremeka

Written by Gremeka Williams


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