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I remember the way he loved me
It evoked pain in my heart
I remember the way he held me
Tight like we never would part
I remember the tone of his voice
Critical yet never raised
I remember the way he told me
I was his for all my days
I remember the first time he hit me
Unexpectedly or so I recall
I remember telling my coworkers
I was running and had a fall
I remember the looks they gave me
Skeptically without a word
I remember the second incident
My screams of mercy went unheard
I remember the next two years
How everyone turned a blind eye
I remember I was afraid
and knew I was going to die.
I remember reading the obituary
And seeing myself in a casket
I remembered the need to survive
So I did something drastic
I remember the jurors tears
As the judge read 5 to 10
I remember my tearless face
As I was victimized again.

Written by Gremeka Williams


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