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How long will it be before I can have peace?
When will I get the chance to catch my breath?
Can this be the life meant for me?
Or is this just a nightmare's test?
Once upon a time, I envisioned clear-
No reds, or blues, or yellows.
Saw myself standing alone;
No green, but knew it was a meadow.
I stuck out my hand and saw brown -
Although it was transparent.
Thought to myself, or I think it was me,
This is truth, though incoherent.
I journeyed along, although going nowhere.
Took so long, I had to rest.
Sat upon a visionless stone,
And pondered or maybe I guessed.
This is life without my face,
Life without my eyes,
Life without the will to live,
A grave of melancholy, I surmised.
Felt the wind upon my arms;
Tried to catch it in my hands.
It laughed at me and continued on,
As tears of fire begin to descend.
Am I dead or am I living?
It was hard for me to know.
Then I woke with eyes wide open,
Blessed with the capability still to grow.
Recognizing only through The Lord
Can I endure days of ambiguity
When I am not sure which way to go;
Or if I'm who I'm supposed to be.
Appreciative of My God,
For guiding me through moments of clear
Although sometimes, I still see transparent,
I am certain He is near.

Written by Gremeka Williams


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