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My Degree; my problem

With pride and majesty
I received the ticket without modesty
As I walked the ale came the hail
That degree, nailed it, nailed it

Framed it, at the door post it aboard
Smiled at every glance not bored
Smiled my destiny away
As I loitered all the way

One year, two years, I watched
Three, four, I felt the scorn at the watch
I departed my pride, the points dropped
As I quenched the remnants of purpose in liquor

I guarded while they worked meager to mega
My degree was too big to start meager
We cursed the government at my father's
Till my father's became my haters.

Soon it came knocking hard this time
Departed my father's without a dime
I didn't go any more for job search
I went to work it via my potential

As I pondered in hunger and pain
I departed for the said place
Then I discovered the purpose
In the course of work came the people

I walked pass the grip of Degree
Made the meager in to the job market
Achieved the Dignity of life
In modesty have I prevailed.

Written by Gukaa Williet


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