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I was born in affluence
I prospered by influence
The wealth paved my way
I bought success to the top
I contributed less to my society
But the people knew me rich
My purpose was never attained
For my potential was buried in wealth

I was born in poverty
I craved for influence
Hard work, not the issue
Money hindered my progress
My potential was handicapped
My influence was less felt
I needed an envelope and god father
To buy a chance of expression

I was born average
I dreamt average dreams
My parents could afford average
So I packaged an average envelope
To possess my average possession
I didn't think of my purpose
I just needed a quite life
One with no influence in the society

I was born in dignity
Prospered by hard work
Excellence paved my way
I developed my potentials
I moved the Nations by diligence
Man was too small to depend on
Void of corruption
I have achieved the dignity of life

Written by Gukaa Williet


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