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Bound by the word 'unity'
The great mass of impurity
Stuck their heavy bellies
In the conference of lilies
Ready to strike the helpless

Via the delegation of deceit
They strove to hide their malice
Diligently they spoke the words
To the crowd that was wooed
Why wooed? Stogies they were

Then came the apogee
The opposition barked
Just with a piece of meat
Their grievances got neat
They ate the fruits of deceit

Oligarchy was the guise of democracy
Bound together by kleptomania
They embezzled with impurity
There was the ominously silent press
Yet we sang the anthem

Top officials wore grey caps
With faces stamped with wrinkles
He declared 'youthfulness is not age
But mentality' ha ha ha
Could there be a youth day?

Written by Gukaa Williet


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