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Via a piece of liberty
She was the joint of duty
The leftover of innocence
Flushed out with nonchalance

Propelled by societal standards
She rolled in and never pondered
Pop didn't have to know
As she rocked with all her own

Dressed like a sex maniac
No look was of patriarch
Breast pushed up like ripe mangoes
Ready to be devoured by men

Trodding the study street
Eyes watch as monkeys on heat
Hands and heads lifted for the sip
As they recharge the guts for the hit

It couldn't be over just yet
Societal demands were hard to be met
She went on till she lost count
No going back she had been bound

In the dark shelter of her abored
She cried the little tears of misery
Wasted was that destiny
Only God could be the remedy.

Written by Gukaa Williet


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