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Born in Tuskegee Alabama in 1913 was Rosa M. Parks,
who knew this woman could cause such sparks.
in 1943 she joined the NAACP,
an organization to help keep Blacks free.
In December of 1955 Mrs. Parks boarded a bus,
a simple ride home became such a fuss
you see,
Blacks sitting on the back of the bus was required
but Rosa Parks worked hard and she was tired.
So she sat in front and did not budge
when the police told her to get up with a grudge.
Mrs. Parks was arrested and taken to jail.
Edgar D. Nixon posted $100 dollars bail.
They had a meeting in the church basement to discuss this thing
with newly appointed Minister, Martin Luther King.
They decided to boycott, no one rode buses for a while
It hurt the city, it cramped their style.
During the boycott the K.K.K. violently protested
hundreds of leaders, even Rosa Parks was arrested.
The boycott continued Blacks rode wagons and bikes
some walked and some also hitch hiked.
One elderly woman said, my feet is tired but my soul is rested.
It's a wonderful thing that they protested.
After 381 days of boycotting the court ruled in favor of Rosa Parks.
Who knew a little woman could cause such sparks.
The bus company was fined at $250,000 a pop,
so, segregation on buses came to a complete stop.

Written by Gwen O'Neal


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