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The sky is powder blue as the clouds brush through at a distance.
Birds fly through the air without a care as they share their feed with their young.
Trees begin to change as they rearrange themselves in colors of orange, green or brown.
Like the gown of a bride the sun cast it's rays in stride.
Even in a storm, rain or some snow
You seem to cast a misty glow.
Oh God, Our God how excellent!

You use man and woman to plant your seed
in fulfillment of the need of an army.
Shaped in the womb, whom could be so thorough.
The human machine is such a mystery
it has bewildered scholars throughout history.
How strategically you designed everything to sing your perfect love song.
Lord the hint of your scent is intoxicating.
Oh God, Our God how excellent!
You put people in position to build ammunition in every heart ready to conceive.
I believe,
You put man, woman, husband, wives over lives looking to be encouraged.
You've made a ministry of a hug, a touch, a smile.
Your style is untouchable.
How awesome is the hand that allows us to stand.
Oh God Our God How Excellent!!!!

Written by Gwen O'Neal


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