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I am to blessed to be stressed.
I serve a God who is into progress not regress.
As long as I stay with Christ the King,
I know that he will bring all things my way.
If I sway from the straight and narrow
I know that His eye is on the sparrow.
He'll watch over me
can't you see, I live a forgiven life
despite strife.
I hold my head up tall as I recall what God said to me.
He said, Sistuh, you are beautifully and wonderfully made
regardless of your shade of color.
Those full lips those wide hips I
thought you out.
I am what you are about.
WOMAN is your name,
Help Meet is your claim.
Cry no more, cry no more
for I have in store
great things
If you can hear it.
Being the total woman, mind, body and spirit.

Written by Gwen O'Neal


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