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Don't Forget About Us

(Dedicated to the one that got away)

I lost my sunshine the day you walked out the door
Dark clouds don't surround me, but my days aren't that
bright anymore
All I have is faith cause there is nothing else to turn to
So I must trust that by faith my heart shall be healed
All that I ask is that you don't forget about us
All that matters is your happiness
and if your happiness calls for us being apart then I won't hold you back
Always remember the love that we share
The nights we laid in each other arms
The night "we became one"
The night you took apart of me
As far as your heart may travel don't forget about us
My love ain't going no where, my heart won't allow it to give up on us
She still has hope
There will always be an empty spot when or if you ever come home
Just don't forget about us cause I can't.

Written by Vanessa Hall


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