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360 Degree Turn

(Dedicated to the one who stole my love and ran with it)

Everything happened so fast
there was no time to prepare
Right before my eyes your love evolved into something I had not known
The joy that was emitted from my soul whenever you were around has now turned to sorrow and disappointment
Who was the man that I grew to love?
Is it possible that I created him and who you have now become in my eyes was who you were all along?
Or did you really just change over night?
Nothing last 4-ever
Sadly, I was hoping to defy this concept
I was hoping we could be 4 ever
I was hoping our love wouldn't change forms and if it did I was hoping for something better
Consequently, we don't always get what we want
Depressed, no more
Hurting, somewhat
Yet, disappointed that I never really knew you as well as I thought I did
The person I grew to love would never treat me the way you do
Is it possible that I made him up and he never really existed to begin with
Stupid me
for believing that love doesn't hurt.

Written by Vanessa Hall


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