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My Conception of Love

You were supposed to be my first love
Ironically, you turned out to be my first heart ache
You were supposed to be my first conception of love
Through you I was supposed to learn what a real man was all about
How they were supposed to treat me...make me feel...
Sadly, you failed to teach that lesson and I developed my own conception of love

Not the fairy tale love you see on TV
But that painful love that reflects a lack of love and appreciation for self
That painful love that blinds your vision and allows one to stay when they should really go
That needy love
That love that yearns for acceptance
This was my conception of love

He didn't wanna love me
so I searched for one that would
I was looking for a daddy in a man that was supposed to be my mate
The one that complemented me not controlled me
The one who should have loved me despite my faults
All I found was pain
My conception of love was built on a foundation of heartache
All he had to do was love me...

Written by Vanessa Hall


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