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The Mistake

What started out as a night of intense passion became a life of pain
for one innocent soul who never asked to be here

"I'm pregnant" she said
"But you know I'm married,
you know my situation," he replied
"What am I supposed to do" she asked
"Have an abortion...there's no other way" he answered

Its amazing how dealing with the unexpected sparks the memory to recall
things that we try to block out
In the midst of the love making
did it not occur to you that you were married?
Nine months later your mistake came along and like a coward
you hid in a shell
Dishing out money here and there
trying to but your mistakes affection
All she ever wanted was for you to love her and treat her like she was apart of your family
to be Daddy's little girl
When you spoke you always made sure to distinguish between your family and her
We'll call her the
outside child
the one that should have been flushed down the tube
the stranger
the one you were forced to try and love but failed

We'll just call her the the mistake
yeah...that's me

Written by Vanessa Hall


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