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My First Love (Revised)

You returned
I must say it was quite a surprise
Caught me off guard
Threw me off my coarse
I thought I had this shit down pack
It has been 5 years since we last spoke
Yet the moment you
looked me in my eyes
flashed that gorgeous ass smile
and said "Vee I missed you"
My life started to crumble
After I worked so hard to build myself up after that
earthquake I titled our could I be so stupid to still let you produce
Yet, I thank God for divine intervention
before I had time to be completely side tracked
he opened my eyes to who you really were
Nothing changed you just aged
And I realized that my sanity depended on me following
my head not my heart
"old habits die hard" and for you its a fact
I met you as a cheater...
I guess some things never change
We created memories...
And I can honestly say that I've stopped loving you

Written by Vanessa Hall


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