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You Just Don't Understand Me!

(Dedicated to the man who donated 23 chromos to make me)

How dare you try to judge me when you don't know shit about me?
Im just as much a stranger to you as you are to me
Where were you when I needed a father figure?
Obviously not tending to my needs
Then you have the nerve to give orders and demand respect, respect
you nowhere close to deserving
My mother may kiss ass to you, but the doorway to my heart has long closed
I have no intentions of bonding with you, can you not see that I long ago stop caring
Im too old and seen enough to formulate my own opinions on the situation
Its too late to try to capture the fatherly bond you should have went after when
I was younger
But no you were too busy keeping me a secret from your wife
You should have stepped up to the plate and accepted the
consequences of your actions but like a coward you hid
Can you not see where my frustration stems from?
But like I said its too late, I really don't care anymore
So, how dare you try to judge me when you never took the time
to get to know me?

Written by Vanessa Hall


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