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I find it hard to accept
that I must sit here and digest
all this American Bullshit
My Bad!
I meant "American History"
What about the history of my people?
What about our accomplishments, struggles, and tales?

I can't retain this crap cause I can't relate
Do I look like I care to study the Elizabethan Era? Neoclassical Era? Victorian Era?
Why can't I study the Slave Era? Civil Rights Era? The Era where black inventors, writers, musicians and
artists were at their peaks?
What the hell am I talking about?
This is white America!
Fill us with this American bullshit and hope that we don't ask about our own history
What about us?
They even go so far as to make it mandatory that we learn this shit
Can't graduate high school without knowing this bullshit
Ask the white man to recall something that our people accomplished
besides making sneakers
They wouldn't know where to begin
Ask a black man to describe something the white man "made" or "discovered"
And I bet he can't shut the f--k up
Do you not see the ignorance?
What makes your achievements better than mine?
Oh, but wait let me not get carried away.
This is America
White America
Land of the Free
Yeah, Whateva

Written by Vanessa Hall


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