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( Dedicated to: Those who think. HINT!!! and to the person who taught me all about

I was walking down the road
and the strangest thing appeared.
Nothing of a high authority and nothing
I've ever feared.
It was a man, but one fine indeed.
He was very high, but not one
who drinks or smokes weed.
He was very bright and intelligent, but had
never been to a school.
He spoke a lot of knowledge
but was a true desired fool.
He never spoke so, I assumed
he could not speak.
Heavily carrying a light load
I figured he was weak.
He was different, but very much
like everyone else.
He was only 2ft tall, but was picking up a book off the self.
He was black no wait he was green.
He never went to sleep, but he did have dreams.
This man was whatever he wanted to be.
It had nothing to do with what
you and I would see.
He wasn't different just pretty much the same.
We didn't think wrong, MISDIRECTION is what's to blame.

Written by Ceirra Harris


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