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You Cant Understand

Yes I need all the strength that I can get.
Obesessing over you is what I cant see fit.
Understanding is what I really am trying not to forget.
Caring for you is a crime I see.
And loving you is another, you best believe.
Nothing I do for you is right, and everything I do is wrong.
Telling you I love you is a mission I cant do alone.
Utter disobedience is all I ever do compared to what you do.
Not getting to the point is something that leaves me so blue.
Dangerously walking on egg shells around you it seems.
Editing my life, like its a real bad movie.
Remembering all the good times we shared.
Standing here at these paths that will lead me to know where.
Taking my life and willing myself to care.
And nothing really seems to matter any more.
Not even now because you are walking out the door.
Damn you will never understand!!!!

Written by Yashica Hodges


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