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I'm Smitten wit anything written then spittin
And for all those who think it's a hobby
You have yet to witness it
cuz I rise wit thoughts of similes
and shower wit memories of metaphorical dream
and yeah I gotta make a livin cuz breathin aint cheap
But I write rhymes on Einstein bagel receipts.
I keep a pencil on hand
I got more notebooks then pairs of pants and for all of those who
don't understand let me tell you again
If poetry was my man I would blow em till he came
And swallow every drip of it
Let him hit it from the back and take in every inch of him
If we didn't have the alphabet
I would hieroglyphics it
How could you not encourage THIS
I'd rather write than any other shit
This is my passion
I can't abandon it

Written by Inesheia Holiday


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