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Dipped in chocolate covered passion.
Take me with your soft approach,
loving, giving ways
Dark illuminating eyes, humble you are,
man you be
No ill will of arrogance harbor in thee.

Movements display the strength of a
sleek panther
Hesitant to claim your true feelings for me
As if I mean you harm of exposure.
To leave you stark naked to wrestle
with your challenging vices.

There you stand a product of women and life.
Come unto me enjoy the savor of golden honey.
Turn your eyes from the Buckra as
I attack you with knowing hands.
That dance gently in the dark shadows
unearthing buried emotions.

Penetrating and rippling through your
Aroused statured frame piercing your soul.
You reluctantly give in and bring forth
an instrument that you dare
Use to rid me of the rage, heat and pain
boiling inside me.

Release your stronghold,
As I too release you.
I bid you to touch your rigid torso to mine,
feel the rounded hips.

The heat from the dark ebony skin
is electrifying.
As we move to the rhythmic pulse
racing through our veins.

Indulge in my inviting, comforting apparel.
Come to me, know you are safe.
As I slowly mount the throne to receive
you, granting you the
Pleasure of entering my corridors of
succulent lasting tenderness.

As I afford you the joy and opportunities of
immense eruptions.

Written by Itouri2


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