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Much Repect

To mine baba in Rememories of the
Drunken Man.

During a walkabout through Shaw in DC
With crooked bent legs and bowed head
Shuffled past me did he.
Something from him was drawing on me
Rememories of time hands held by another
A dark Silhouette stuttering dis, dis, dis my

He never schooled the lil girl on the facts
of life.
All she recollects of their silent being.
The response of others, "She da spittin
image of yo wife".

Strolling down two-five in the City of GI
She catches a glimpse of a soul that
captures her time.
Hunched shoulders, smell of urine.
He's crouched real low.
The man who wants to be invisible
Reminds her of another with the Frederick
Douglas Afro.

She carries the unspoken words that
filled the silence
With the man who held her hand
One day in Michigan City down the
back alley she goes.
She hear angry shouts as cruel words fall
on a drunken man.

Like a child gone wild she screams in terror
Tearing through the circle in a rage
Eyes of fire, she dares anyone to come
forth and engage.
Life stricken, motivated by unknown pain
To others her bold actions speaks of
one insane.

All the while the girlchild like a Lioness
Protects the drunken man.
One challenges, who is he to you?
He is just a drunken fool.

With raining eyes of pride and heart of sad
Gently gripping the hand of the drunken man.
Undeterred and unashamed she screams
in their face.
Dis, Dis, Dis, MY DAD!

Written by Itouri2


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