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In Loving Rememories of My Sister Lo.

Her eyes were fixed on finding Pokeweed
as she strolled down the long dirt road.
She mentally noted how her return caused
such a family uproar.
The warning don't go near Ole man Judd.

The whispers you and the other are about
the same age, you could be twins,
cept you court darker skin.
Much confusion in their words of warning
till the day she happen pon the family
enemy friend.

There he rock back and forth older than
olden, skeletal hands beckoned her near,
she froze as eyes took in the family's
enemy fear.

He looked like anybodys grandpapa or
better yet, great grandpapa, thin as a
switch, the ancestors whispered to her soul
beware Chi for he is strong and fit.
So much family legend, NO he can't be
the same, the one they laid blame on
fixing my sister in her early years on.

Their eyes locked and then she know this
was the man that cursed her sister Lo.
He called her by the name of the other
one, the enemy friend stood half bent,
eyes raining, releasing tears, seeking her
forgiveness of his sins.

He called her by the name of the other
one over and over again.
She then knew that Jah brought her to
this place, she was destined to face the
enemy friend.

She was the same age as the other,
people testified they looked twins alike.
Ole man Judd begged for her forgiveness
because of his acts of sin, not noting
the darker skin.

Some years back surrounded by the
ancestors a girlchild was the chosen one
to forgive the sin of her Family's Enemy

Written by Itouri2


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