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Back in the Day

He called late in the day,
just touching base he say
wanted to hear my voice,
the down to earth laugh,
teased me about how
I can butcher the english language
needed a friend he said,
to converse about old times, lonely,
miss back in the day.

He wants to know do I still dance,
love to watch me dance,
do I still twist mine lips,
love that crooked smile framed with dimples.
He say when I blink mine eyes people
are in trouble, don't miss that,
but miss watching me stroll,
know my stroll anywhere.

In a quiet almost distant voice he
apologized for his wayward ways,
he is really sorry, miss us so much,
not ding drugs anymore.
Mine heart is heavy,
but mine head is clear,
once you go forward,
it's a mistake to go back.

I grew up and he grew in,
I moved on and he moved out.
He is so far away and yet so near,
I hear every word that he wants to say,
I'll always be his from back in the day.

Written by Itouri2


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