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A Different Kind Of Soul

She stands boldly at the top of the
immediate family tree
her voice today, light as the wind
married to uplifting melodies
I searched mine mind for happy times,
but none would come near me

She sport good hair and court fair skin,
a commanding presence in her world of
pretend we heard Jackie Wilson was her uncle,
Floyd Patterson was another,
Reverend Ike was the man of her life
she took the red cloth as her lover

She was SANCTIFIED, then unsatisfied,
tried hard to be a CHRISTIAN
testified on backsliding said something
was missing
there she be at the top of her immediate
family tree
those who know her knows,
she is trapped with a Different Kind of Soul..

The family mind was butchered,
distorted some destroyed
she moved about in her pretend world
dictated the following of a family convoy

The song like speech lilt of her voice
made me wonder and mine eyes moist
I desperately searched for happy times
only to learn it was not mine to find
the shiftshaping creature a beauty to behold
lived her years with a Different Kind of Soul...

She wreaked havoc in the world of others
those who know her knows...
Yet, for the life of me I can't let go
of the one who diligently demands
HER SPOT, at the TOP of the immediate
family tree

From the one with a Different Kind of Soul
those who know her knows
Something is yet to unfold....

Written by Itouri2


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