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Woman girl walk tall in your world
go forth take on your journey
look into the mirror of thine own eyes
of thee self do not deny
all the things that you must do
to get the life blues up offa you
court no fears the ancestors see and hear

Angel girl rise and shine
this is your life, this is your time
remove the shackles remove the chains
drop society mind games
your life is destined for change
nothing remains the sam

Angel woman be rid of troubled days
causing one to be Afraid
days of storms, months of fires
the walking dead and the graduate liars
step away from the whilwind
get rid of the unfriendly kin

Spread your wings Angel
as the ancestors down you with love
crown you with strength
endow you with dignity
bless you with courage to set your spirit free

Angel, woman girl walk tall in your world

Written by Itouri2


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