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I look at you and I see me
trying to snatch the labels off we
she is too militant, aggressive they said
too dark, make funny sounds,
too nappy bout the head
Buckras eye shift when I come round
they turn up their nose and think cruel thoughts
I can teach these fools shit they aint
never thought about

My sashay speaks regal,
mine mind says I'm lethal
I am a sista of the universe
Dawter of the stars
No, I don't know shit about Mars
But, I can tell you bout Plantation Education

I can school you on separate but equal
and the degradation of segregation
that red, white and blue flag don't mean
shit to me
it is not part of mine history

Daisy Mae, Sally Mae, Versie Mae, Sylvia Mae,
Rosa Mae, Johnnie Mae and Bobbie Ree
enlightened me
I learned those damn school books are full
of trickery
I have my Yaya's mind, I'm sharp as a whip
I have mine baba's high cheekbones and
full ripe lips

The Buckras and wanna be imitators that
are really perpetrators whispers
she's too black, too country, too geeche girl,
knotted about the head, bottom too high,
too bow-hipped and bow-legged
But I's comfortable and step flatfoot tall
with who I be
I aint the one searching for my identity

Written by Itouri2


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