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Last night his strong hands pulled me to him
announcing the wanting to my naked body,
his incredible soft lips were everywhere
chasing the daily pain away.
His arms folded mine body into his fortress
of love as his hands molded,
urgently massaged mine breast,
mine back, mine onion, his fingers went in
search of mine triangle love,

His magic hands dances on the
playground as if it was dearly missed.
His low moans against mine neck,
in mine belly button the heavy breathing
was electrifying.

I took him in with mine eyes that witnessed
the passion of love consume him.
He filled the room and all that I saw was him,
all that I knew was him and all that
I heard was wanting.
Mine hips did a slow grind against his backside,
his manhood throbbed standing erect,
he reached back and pulled me closer for
more up against the wall love.

My performance called for me to
face mine opponent.
Lawd loving like dis is jus a sin.
I heard the knowing sigh,
we engaged and dined on one another,
married in several positions, hips locked,
bodies rocked, dancing the dance of
sweet romance and then...
in his strong embrace,
his pace stiffened and quickened,
the muffled moans told me when...

And all that I knew was him,
all that I saw was him and
all that I heard was him as mine man
fell into a deep snoring drug like sleep.

Written by Itouri2


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