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Cool morning/night

I awoke to the taste of you
On my tongue
That sweetness
I wanted you
As a matter of fact
I still want you

It's 3 am
Cool morning/night
Yet i'm way above 98.6
There must be a thousand
Stars twinkling in the sky
Each one with it's own glimmer

I connected the dots
To spell your name
It winked back at me
I connected the dots again
Made two cracked hearts
But i didn't feel any pain
Still tasting you
On my tongue

I have to smile
I wished upon a falling star
For you to be here
To lay beside me
In the cool of the grass
On this celestial
Morning/ night
And connect the dots together
So the hearts are no longer cracked

I thought about your
Naked body beside me
How it would illuminate so
In the light of the crecent moon
So bright above
Yet really just a sliver

I awoke with the taste of you
On my tongue
I still taste you
I still want you
I'm still way above 98.6

Your not here
But your spirit is
Blessing me with
Celestial thoughts of you
On this
Cool morning/ night.......

Written by Italian Angel


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