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The Seeds Of Love

Once Again he digs up his roots
To go sow the seeds of love
This time, he goes to Maine
With his little heart in his hands
willing to give it so freely
In hopes that she would hold it
But she didn't, she sent it crashing
I knew she would

She was confused, confusing lust for love
he gave his all, running to her rescue
She should have ended one life
before desiring another, but she didn't
She let him come, like a Knight in shining armour
running right smack into a domestic disturbance
only to turn him away,.. he walks for miles
shedding the tears of a love he thought was true
And here I am, holding his hand
The woman who loves him, the woman who
always pulls him through, we are love
just as we are.I wish he'd stop chasing it
And what was she thinking? It would be easy?
Nothing good comes without a struggle
Wasn't he worth fighting for?
Guess she didn't see the man I see
he should have known the clown syndrome
by now...guess he didn't see
Loving eyes never do, so I hold him
I hold him close, This too will pass..
Why take a heart you can not hold ~

Written by Italian Angel


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