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average joe in cyber space forums' #1 fan

there's this guy i see his name splashed across my screen and i watch as he moves around
in rooms and i decipher all his words if any of them are for me and i believe that the gods
are planning a time for us to meet because this feeling so huge so inexplicably strong
cannot be all for nothing

so i wait and lurk around his messages search through his names until i find him and i
watch all his movements sometimes pictures flash by in bytes and i look if there's another
girl next to him but mostly it's his tattoos the crooked smile the veiny arms that makes me
hooked the clever things he says punches my heart because they're not for me

and i know i just know that there's a cataclysm waiting for us two when the time is right
and that belief cools down this rage that brews in me each time i see his name splash
across my screen

Written by Janis A. Dizon aka… FaShaBaby


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