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Black Sisters

My beautiful black sisters
The blood in our veins is the same color
Why do we choose to be jealous of one another?

Our Grandmothers are Queens of our Mothers
Our Mothers are the air we breathe
Our daughters are our future
A good life we hope they achieve
but then comes along the mark of our Fathers
Good son, Bad son
Controlling our daughters future
With babies having babies
Bad son!
No thanks from me, no job well done

Marry our daughters
Be a true black man
Thanks for delivering our daughters
From the ghetto land
Good son!
Thanks from me a job well done

Back to my Afro American sisters
let us get out of the show
and back to the woman God wants us to know

We are women of shades of beauty
and designated
to be beautiful in all we do
Remember what your grandmother told you?

Stop looking down on me
yes I am someone who stands tall
it's your jealously, your attitude
yes I did say attitude
that gave you a hard fall

Rise up! Rise up I say!
jump back to life
don't choose to loose
what's been yours from the start; dig deep in your heart

Our Grandmother prayed for us
our Mother never left us
don't deceive yourself
of the promise that God has given
they knocked you down
all the reason for living

Come to know you, feel yourself
the flesh is temporary
but the soul within forever lives
don't be deprived because you're black
sure they told us to go to the back
they tried to put our lives on stack
but the prayers of our ancestors brought us back
the strength of our Grandmothers and Mothers
kept us on the right track

Love each other my sisters
Remember what your grandmother told you?

Written by Jannette Franklin


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