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What I Sense In You

Observance of my eyes bestowed a visual so crystalline.
Inclined for a soulful man with permanent intentions.
Unimaginative that this caliper of a man really exist.
With a heart that has been mishandled.
She remains hidden behind her mask.
Ambivalent if I'm the one to expose her fears to.
Baby boys of the past.
Mistaken her needs for chaotic confusion.
An unrecognizable friendship which in turn.
Made an inaccessible relationship.
Knowing that her heart is the most cherished of all possessions.
Innovation is to let the romance befall.
Quintessential that a gentleman with intellect.
Could explore the dark corners of her mind.
Fulfill her innermost desires.
Interlace an emotion that is equal as mine.
Revitalized the voice of joy.
That appeared to be in decline.
Elicit admiration merged with a shoulder to lean on.
Ignites a fondness to consummate a bond.

Written by Javon Edwards


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