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Generations Intertwined

The youthful bloom of a young woman.
The curves of her body wherein my eyes are captivated on her every virtue.
Our impulsive behavior has brought prevalence to my carefree days.
Deeply interfused with passion.
Though some of my closest comrades.
Find this personal relation in disdain.
Some believe I've mistaken ignorance for pure bliss.
An identity crisis with a perennial playmate.
She is a divine quality of raw beauty.
Set up with an entrapment more dangerous than a bite of a poisonous spider.
Delighted by her warmth and avidity to please.
Her overnight stay unlocked the jovial youthfulness of my mind.
Sexually compatible anything further would be inconsequential.
For she is a young woman who lives for the moment.
As for myself an aging man left to reprise intimate culmination of contentment.

Written by Javon Edwards


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