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Roses For My Sweet

As the clouds drift through the sky.
In the eventful hour.
Around my head swivel.
A lovely companion arises.
With a delightful smile you revealed.
Moves my heart in a rapid pace.
Comparable excitement to the northern lights of Alaska igniting the sky.
Is the perfect supplement for a heart restored.
Individualize a floral opus.
Embodies the various of attributes.
Which has me drawn to you.
Bond together by friendship.
Yellow blends perfectly with orange.
Revealing your enthusiasm compound with passionate thoughts.
The purity in your heart intermix with charm and sweetness.
Guides us to ambiance of closeness.
Purple lilacs, pinks, and whites emerge from concrete.
The sweet aroma of the rose.
Delicate touch of the petal.
Recalls the softness of your skin.
Unvailing the deepest of feelings.
That was nestled inside my heart.
Knowing you're the one I want to be with.
Is there a place for me in your temple?
Peach and Blue Violets insinuate the embark of a fresh beginning.
With the red rose in tow.
I love you is more than a gateway of expression.
Roses for my sweet.
For the queen of my heart.
Who brought me out of the world of simplicity.

Written by Javon Edwards


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