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Orphan Of War

As man continues to gestate that war is the only answer.
The beloved parents i once knew.
Are physically gone forever.
Infixed by a sensation.
To rule the land of the people.
With absolute surliness, and intuition to kill.
At one time my countryman had joy with no restraints.
Only to be overtaken with the burn of hostility.
Surrounded by a multitude of destruction.
A journalist verbalizes the place i reside.
As the river of starvation.
Government all but vanished.
My people are on the short end of edible food and beverage.
Instant pain drives my heart towards sorrow.
Just witness a little girl dying.
From drinking dirty water that was about as dark as the amazon basin.
As the result of war.
Ordinary loving people are dead.
Caused by chaos beyond extraordinary.
If the world could just stop spinning for a minute.
Believers of war will succumb to their knees.
To advance in life is not based upon greed.
So rather if it was u.s. gunfire.
Or insurgent fighting by my own people.
The loss of humanity is not worth the value for which it is seeked.
The tears i cry.
I suffer in disbelief.
The tears i cry.
My loving parents are deceased.
Living out the rest of my days.
Forever knowing apart of me will always be missing.
To the rest of the world i'm inhabitant.
Look beneath my skin.
You'll find a ten year old soul.
Whose becomes an orphan of war.
A new life starts today.
As i stand alone.

Written by Javon Edwards


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